The name that was bargained

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Now many who swear by stories of old, think not that an inventive writer could ever achieve the demure of Aesop or the fear and pragmatics of Brother’s Grimm, but in fact this not so.  For the tender entreaties of a skilled prevaricator, can move ones gentler senses to accept with credence, the circumstance placed before him – even though the myth be founded in a modern city of renown.

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The parable of the shortsighted lover

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There was in a particular kingdom a young maid who had found love in the person of a young man, but of no wealth.  Socially inept, as well, the lad was however, stout hearted and filled with vigor.  He set about to make their life meaningful and pleasurable.  However, fait would cripple many a dream, yet the fellow still applied his craft with ingenuity with the hope that some luck would find its way to him.  He loved his wife dearly, and regardless of wherever his business took him, he always thought of his bride with sweet resolution and was pleased to see her countenance even if in disarray; for he thought greatly of her in the whole of her being, and not in part only.

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The parable of the lost child

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There was a woman child whose father was a good man and taught her many things concerning the world and its dangers.  He did this carefully, since a time would come that he would have to let her make many decisions on her own.  He gave his child an amulet, inscribed with an invocation. He explained that when she would find herself in great trouble to hold the amulet and repeat the invocation.  She was to read the words out loud, and think of him.  He made her practice the words, but after some, familiarity with the procedure and boredom, caused the words to fall in value from her most important possessions.

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The parable of the disobedient child

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Within an old city, in a forgotten land, there was a family that had the care of the King’s cattle.  From these beasts, they where to receive their sustenance for survival, as well as receiving tokens and gratitude from their King.  The father of the family was a gentle sort, and though his children lacked perfection in conduct, he allowed their folly to show itself from time to time, for he thought, “they need encouragement to develop properly into dependable adults.” 

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Parable of the mistaken braggarts

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An old tradition comes down to us from the Jerusalem church that in a small town by the ocean, so it goes, there lived several fishermen who claimed to have been on Lake Galilee when the Apostle Peter walked upon the water.  They further made claim to completing a similar act of faith, to wit they too walked upon the water.  A listener was intrigued, yet he had some skepticism, so he inquired further as to the deeds these men proclaimed.  The listener asked each man to tell his miracle of faith.

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The parable of the king’s reward

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In a Kingdom, long ago, a generous and wise King called his son’s and his daughters to his side, in full hearing of all the courtiers, and gave a promise to his royal issue.  “For one year, all of you will be evaluated by my delegates and by the public at large.  Your performance as stewards and human beings will be scrutinized along with others not mentioned publicly.  At the end of this quest, my delegates, together with the citizenry, will choose one of you, or one of those not mentioned, to ware the symbol of the King’s regent and thereby rule as my unrivaled second, for a period of one year.”  The King added, “You have been taught well by the finest scholars concerning science, religion, philosophy, governance, and social decorum.  The one aid I can give you is in the form of a remembrance.  As I had always encouraged you, help one another even to your own detriment, since your siblings are more valuable for fellowship and comfort than a station in life.”

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The straight bridge, without level

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Now it came to pass that when the Grand Poopas, Aficionados, Ballyhoos, Facilitators, Change Agents, and Enforcers came together in the city of Loondumb, within the Dominion of Grand Braintian, there appeared a scientist so much filled with his own reason that he bewitched the Grand Council beyond measure.

He offered to them his scientific odyssey, “If we being the gods of this planet, say, ‘We can,’ then all of us know that it shall be done – for yes we can! I propose we build a bridge to Heaven and make our name great among the Stars.”

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The parable of the rich man’s daughters

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There was a rich man who had many children but the oldest were two twin daughters – for which he worked diligently that they may be educated and encouraged for the reception of their inheritance.  As the years went along, other local women of similar rank received dowries of gold, silver, precious gems, land, and cattle. Yet the rich man held back the inheritance from his daughters that he may find out how fit they were to manage a fortune.

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