Anglican church removed the baptismal oath to renouce Satan

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They say the Devil is in the details, but with the Theosophical Church of England, the devil does not exist anymore.  According to the Independent news service, UK, the Anglican church not only voted to make women Bishops and priests, but removed the oath made at Baptisms – to renounce Satan.

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Christian denominations appear ready to accept gay lifestyle as acceptable to Jesus Christ

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The Apostle Paul was right when he said that in the end times the church would not put up with good doctrine [2 Tim.4:3].  After the American church fell prey to easy divorce in the face of the direct command of Christ Jesus, the new fad is acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle and same-sex marriage. The issue is simple: every sin needs to be repented of before acceptance into the Church.

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Who is the vanguard of the moral trust and humanity?

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 The Anglo-American pact or Russia?

Significant differences are accumulating between the Western Democracies and Eastern Europe, with Africa following the lead of Putin – in the area of morality.

The west is viewed as decadent and liberal, and Russia has appointed itself the keeper of morally conservative humanity.  A lot can be said of this trend that in fact, as the USA and The Commonwealth Nations poison civilization with; sodomy, homosexuality and sexual perversion of children, Russia, encourage by the Russian Orthodox Church is demanding the return to Christ centered moral values.

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Islam in Anglodise

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There is built in to the British system a reluctance to be judgmental about someone else’s culture, even if that reluctance places children at risk. Look at the case of Harriet Harman. You may ask yourself how on earth this relatively astute politician could have allowed her organisation to be affiliated to a body that brazenly called itself the “Pedophile Information Exchange.” The answer – which Harman would do well to admit – is that back in the Seventies she got into a complete intellectual fog.

[reporter, Boris Johnson, The Telegraph]

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